What should I bring to class?

  • A bottle of water

  • A yoga mat​​

  • Optional items:

    • A towel or small blanket for final savasana (rest)

    • A bolster or pillow

    • Blocks

    • a Strap

Do I need to be super fit to take a class?

  • Absolutely not! Classes are for all bodies and abilities. Poses can be modified to you.

Do I have to pay online via a credit card?

  • Nope! You can pay using E-Transfer, or cash. We ask that you make all payments 48 before class to ensure your spot. Failure to do so will result in your spot being offered to someone else.

Do I have to fill out the liability waiver?

  • Yes. This is mandatory to participate in The Lemon Project classes.

What COVID-19 measures are followed?

  • Masks must be worn when not on your mat. (All exemptions are accepted)

  • Hand Sanitizer will be available.

  • All spaces are sanitized to ensure the utmost cleanliness.

  • Any shared equipment is properly sanitized between uses.

  • Social distancing guidelines are practiced at all times.

  • We ask that anyone experiencing any flu like symptoms to reschedule their class.

  • Students are asked to bring their own mat to class, as this allows for the most sanitary environment possible.

COVID-19 Passports?

  • Upon booking a class, you will be prompted to fill out a waiver. In this waiver you will be asked whether you have a valid COVID-19 Passport. This ensures complete confidentiality, and allows for social distancing to be kept in place at all times during class. Your answer to this question will not determine your ability to participate in class, and all exemptions are accepted.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • All plans are non-refundable. If you cannot make it to a class, please reschedule. Classes must be rescheduled 48 hours prior to the start of class, or funds used for that class will be lost.

Do you offer private classes?

  • Yes we do! Send us a message and we will gladly help decide the best option for you.

Is the Circle Time Yoga a Parent Participation Program?

  • Parent participation is mandatory for your child's initial class to ensure they are comfortable and properly settled. While Parent Participation is not mandatory after the first initial class, we encourage parents to participate in classes as this enables the teachings to continue on beyond the classroom.