Starting Where You Are

Let's begin in childs pose.

A common way to begin a yoga class. Childs pose. A vulnerable position, head down, back to the world. Starting your practice exactly where you are. Building a strong foundation from this pose forward.

This is the same way I began this business. The Lemon Project. Starting exactly where I was. Recently jobless, in the midst of a miscarriage, and with little hope left for the world I lived in. I know people often make reference to a "rock bottom" they seem to hit before they decide to do big things, but I can't say the same. Thing could have gotten much worse before I chose to make a change. Could I see my "rock bottom"? Yes. 6 feet under. I didn't need to hit my rock bottom to see I needed to make progress. So, I started where I was.

Vulnerable, with my head down and back to the world.

In the midst of applying for Employment Insurance, I found a goverment program for aspiring entrepreneurs, allowing those on EI to take a course and start a business of their own. I signed up. Why? Because the idea of being able to have a job doing something I loved made my heart happy. Applying for that program was progress, small, but significant progress. I had already moved forward from where I had started.

A couple of weeks later I was enrolled in a program I realistically knew nothing about and prepared for my week long course. In one week, we covered everything I would need to write a professional business plan. And that is what I did. 71 pages to be exact. Overachiever? Maybe. Overly excited to become a business owner? Oh heck yes!

It wasn't that easy, though. All 71 pages had to be submitted to a committee of community members for approval. They had 7 days to made a decision. That is 1000 days in "anxiety days", in case you were wondering. On the 7th day, the call came and my business was approved. Now the hard part began. Starting a business, from stratch, based on 71 pages of research and predictions I really hoped were accurate.

Again, I started where I was, with a laptop, a novels worth of information, a name and a concept. The Lemon Project. A company bringing fitness and activity classes for all ages to the South Cariboo of British Columbia. Bringing my love of teaching and learning together to a place I feel lucky to call home.

Teaching has always been something I've been passionate about. As an Early Childhood Educator and as a Yoga Teacher, teaching brings me so much joy. The thing is, being an entrepreneur doesn't mean that I get to just teach and that be that. I have to orchestrate an entire business. Thankfully, this is where the love of learning came in handy. I knew a bit about business from an accounting perspective, but that is a small portion of what is needed. To top it all off, I hadn't taught in person in nearly two years thanks to the pandemic.

Fast forward to my first class, and I was tasked with coming up with a theme. I chose: start where you are. This concept is something I now hold close to my heart, and have used it many times throughout this adventure.

We have the ability to start, no prerequisites required, exactly where we are. If a moment sets us back, we again start where we are. There is no limit on starts. Thats the beauty in it all. Want to be an astronaut? Start. Make a list of all the things you will need to get there. Write the steps in order and begin at the beginning. Have a set back? Hit a speedbump? Realize you are done with whatever it was you started in the first place? Not to worry. Take a breath, and start.

Start where you are.


All my relations,

xo. Cas.

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